Well played, David

32Red: Sky Sports News Sponsorship

32Red are the current sponsors of Sky Sports News Through the Night. As the place for up to the minute sports news and reaction, the online casino wanted a sponsorship campaign that kept true to the joyful spontaneity of sport, but with a memorable casino twist.

The pre and post match football interview is the cornerstone of sports news. Quick, simple and of the moment, these sporting soundbites are also the perfect vehicle for combining sport and casino in a series of 15 and 5 second sponsorship bumpers.

From the manager looking to shuffle things around at half time, to the centre-forward unsure of whether to stick or twist in the transfer window, we took the conventions of sporting euphemism to a fun casino conclusion.

The simple single backdrop set up also meant we could produce multiple variations cost-effectively, with great casting and strong performances helping to deepen the illusion and provide a strong transition from ad break to programme.

As one of our sporting interviewees would say, ‘it was a great result’.

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