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Coral Vegas: Launch Campaign

When you’re launching a new product into a fiercely competitive market like online casino, you need to leap in with something big. And they don’t come much bigger than Coral Vegas. The new app is the Alpha Vegas gaming product: better, more exclusive and more exciting than the rest. So it needed to be unleashed in a similar fashion. Step forward the electric tiger…

Coral Vegas: Electric Tiger

A symbol of raw energy, excitement and thrills, we created the electric tiger as the perfect embodiment of that pure Vegas feeling and the dynamic features of the new app: Lightning fast loading times, electrifying exclusive games, live table games.

Then we brought it to life with a bang.

Part predator, part pure energy, part Siegfried and Roy white tiger, part neon without the cliché, our electric tiger announced there was a ‘new Vegas in town’ in a striking multimedia campaign with energy and bite.

Coral Vegas: Electric Tiger

Not only will this majestic beast be seen stalking across TV and cinema screens, the electric tiger will also be hunting down new customers in sponsorship idents for the Discovery network, digital 6 sheet posters and digital banner media.

Coral Vegas: Electric Tiger

The tiger was created by world-renowned VFX studio MPC (of recent Jungle Book and Life of Pi fame), and filmed by their production arm MPC Creative. The commercial’s ‘neon noir’ urban jungle night scenes were filmed in Cape Town, South Africa, before every painstaking hair and spark of the CG tiger was added in post-production.

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