Making bus travel child’s play

First Leeds: Pulse Network Launch

In an age of simplified, one-click, on-demand services, bus travel can seem rather complicated and antiquated. Difficult timetables, hard to find stops and infrequent frequencies mean people are turned off to getting on board.

First Leeds: Pulse network launch

The response from First is Pulse, an easy, high frequency network of buses straight into the heart of Leeds that mean you’ll never wait more than ten minutes to hop into the city. A simplified service needed a straightforward campaign to let the public know.

We created a simple yet distinctive brand livery for Pulse, playing on the name and regular frequency of the buses and positioned it in key areas on the bus for easy recognition.

First Leeds: Pulse network launch

Pulse is bus travel made simple. So to promote it we took iconic children’s toys and games and added a bus twist to show how easy it is to use Pulse in Leeds. From bright and colourful 48 sheet posters featuring a bus merry-go-round to highlight frequency, to a bus based connect4 to highlight links, our fun and friendly illustrations bring to life the benefits and demonstrate just how simple catching the bus now is in Leeds.

In fact, the child’s play marketing campaign for Pulse was so successful that it has been extended into Scotland to promote the brand’s simpliCITY service in Glasgow.

The new campaign reaches right across Leeds, with above the line press, poster and radio ad and digital banners pointing to a new dedicated Pulse microsite. All pushing the message that using Pulse is as easy as child’s play.

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