Sing when you’re winning

Gala Bingo: Play Happy

People don’t play online bingo to win big, they play because it’s fun, social and makes them happy. And Gala Bingo are the happy makers, bringing bingo fun to the laptop, tablet and mobile screens of the nation. They wanted a memorable brand idea that reflected the joy of gaming at Gala and we found it in the line: Play happy.

This simple statement summed up the fun at the very heart of the brand and gave Gala Bingo a purpose, to get the whole nation playing happy. And what better way than a good old sing-a-long? We turned Gala into Gala-la-la, sung in the key of Banarama’s ‘Hey, Hey, Na Na’, a catchy tune guaranteed to get everyone singing along. And an all singing, all dancing expression of happiness that can’t fail to make you smile 😉

Gala Bingo: Play Happy

Our first phase campaign featured a whole spectrum of bingo players from a bus-load of bingo footy fans to people in the gym, at the pool, doing the garden, hiking and off for a night out, all getting their Gala-la-la on and playing happy. We then created a seasonal christmas version complete with bingo carol singers and a Coronation Street edition, with special guest karaoke stars, to launch the exclusive Gala Coronation Street app.

After a hugely successful phase 1 campaign we decided to keep the singing going for the second campaign, but added a touch of fantasy to the fun. We spoke to real bingo players and asked them what their dream fantasy moments would be, then turned them into some spectacular Gala-la-la commercials. From Emma’s 80s inspired super yacht Gala-la-la to Lisa’s Poldark-esque horseback odyssey and a sensational showtime for Sarah, our second campaign raised the bar and upped the tempo for bingo ads.

With such a simple idea at its heart, our Gala-la-la campaign has also adapted easily to partnerships and promotions. As well as Coronation Street and sponsorship bumpers for ITV’s Judge Rinder, we have also recently launched a new campaign to promote Gala’s Emmerdale Bingo game. The new ad features ex-stars from the soap serenading a couple on their way to Emmerdale village itself. With such high profile tie-ins we’re also maximising social media activations with a digital campaign offering a chance to star in the show.

Our campaigns are inspiring Gala’s staff and promotions too. True to their Play Happy purpose, Gala Bingo’s customer service team have become the ‘happy makers’ providing a little bit of surprise and delight to their players’ days in many unique ways. The company’s loyalty program helps customers collect Happy Points too. Making everyone’s play happier all round.

Cravens delivers both quality and commercial return, they also operate with an agility, flexibility and value that is all too rarely seen in the agency world. Our work together spans national brand focused activity as well response generating promotional work. Increasingly Cravens is also partnering with our digital and PR teams to find interesting new ways to engage our customers.

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