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Kew Gardens: Seasonal Advertising Campaigns

Kew Gardens offers a different reason to come in every season. From unusual Summer blooms to a tropical winter there’s always something to discover. But the public’s image of Kew was out of step with the experience, lodged firmly in manicured lawns and majestic trees. What they needed was some life to their poster campaigns.

We created tactical season campaigns for Kew, based on the idea that ‘plants bring people to life’ – not just through the beauty of nature but also through food and medicine.

Our posters used this thought to highlight the surprising amount to see and do at any time of the year. For example, most winters, the Gardens put on a spectacular orchid exhibition in one of their hot houses, a riot of warmth and colour in the heart of cold and grey London.

Kew Gardens: Seasonal Advertising Campaigns

For kids, we showed the playing and learning opportunities in plants through a colourful poster campaign illustrated by noted children’s book designer Sarah Horne.

Kew Gardens: Seasonal Advertising Campaigns

To draw in domestic visitors during the key summer period we created a campaign focusing on the number of different worlds you’ll find within Kew. From arid desert plants, to lush rainforests, alpine majesty to a flavour of the Far East, we sued dramatic photography to take viewers around the globe. Why go abroad when there are so many worlds right here on your doorstep?

Our work for Kew took in more than just poster advertising though. We also helped promote their campaign to preserve the world’s diverse plant species for the Millennium Seed Bank in Wakehurst with a film that showed just what we could be letting slip through our fingers.

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