Better together

LR Senergy: Together Further

Innovative oil, gas and renewable energy specialists Senergy joined forces with the Lloyd’s Register Group, the global standard for safety and quality for over 250 years. The two organisations share a collaborative spirit, a reputation for integrity, excellence and innovation, along with a deep desire to make a real difference in the world.

The two companies form a network that spans the planet, a global knowledge base that stretches from reservoir to refinery and beyond. Together they can offer so much more for clients, staff, prospective employees and people across the planet. But they needed a new brand position to help communicate it.

We needed to communicate that together meant better, safer, smarter, cleaner and more productive. To give the company a mission. And we found it in the line: Together further.

To bring ‘together further’ to life in a visual style, we found an ancient Chinese legend about an invisible red thread that binds together those destined to meet. This thread may stretch or tangle but will never break. This seemed like a perfect visual metaphor for the bond between the two companies.

The red thread speaks of support, connectivity, collaboration and reach. It can be used to connect together words and images, thoughts and themes and stretches across the new company’s branding, communications, website and more.

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