A new England

Rugby Football League: England Branding

In Rugby League, Great Britain was traditionally the ‘international’ team that players from the home nations aspired to play for. But to grow the sport, each country had to develop its own team. England needed a national identity to call its own. And most importantly, a brand strong enough for supporters and players to believe in.

We designed a powerful emblem for the country; a reason to play hard, pull on the shirt and feel great about it – for players and fans alike: A charging shield emblazoned with the cross of St George.

Rugby Football League: England Branding

To accompany the new identity we created a call to arms. It grows from England’s sporting values of pride, strength, honour and achievement: For team and country.

Building out from this brand, we created campaign imagery that spoke to the very core of national pride, for lifelong fans old and new, to make an England team even greater than Great Britain.

Rugby Football League: England Branding

The approach worked too. The sporting media was won over to the new national team concept, while England fans embraced their new team, leading to unprecedented sales of the new England shirt.

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