Keeping in time with fashion

Seddiqi: 1915 Campaign

In Dubai, fashion is a passion. Everyone is searching for the latest label and most up to date look. Prestigious UAE watch retailer Ahmed Seddiqi and Sons wanted to tap into this fashionista audience with a new fashion retail concept: 1915. But how do you ensnare some of the most demanding followers of fashion?

To generate some buzz we began with a teaser campaign, showing stylishly dressed models with impossibly long arms. These were accompanied by the cryptic headline ‘Our time is coming’.

The long landscape layout of the ads made them ideal for some of the region’s more unique outdoor applications such as highway bridge banners and strip ads in the broadsheet press. The long arms were then revealed as the perfect canvas for a whole array of designer watches. After all, why just have one?

We kept this theme of owning more than one watch for our follow up campaign too by extending watch straps around both hands of a series of models along with the line ‘Don’t be tied to one look’. The provocative shots show the captivating power of fashion and were designed to really cause a stir in the local market.

Seddiqi: 1915 Campaign

The idea extended to take in seasonal Sale and gifting campaigns, taking a harder and softer sell approach for the two targets.

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