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Virgin Money Foundation: Website & Film

The Virgin Money Foundation is a charitable enterprise set up by Virgin Money. Staying true to the Virgin Group’s entrepreneurial roots, the Foundation looks for charities and individuals within deprived areas who, with some financial assistance, can see a way to make a big difference to their local community.

They needed a website where people could learn more, discover if the Foundation could help them and apply for funding. We began by creating a positioning statement for the Foundation: Big changes start locally.

Virgin Money Foundation

This tied in with the Virgin ethos of entrepreneurialism, showing that big changes can be made if the right people have the right opportunity. We then built the Virgin Money Foundation Website, a dedicated online platform that serves as the only way to apply for Foundation funding.

But to ensure the right people were applying, we also created an inspirational film to sit on the site. Shot by internationally-renowned photographer and director Alex Telfer, it features real people from all walks of life, young and old, with their eyes closed, inspired to imagine the potential in a run-down area or building.

They see colour, life and safety where there is currently dereliction, abandonment and danger and pose the question, what could you see changing with some help from the Virgin Money Foundation?

The film was shot in a single day, from dawn to dusk, in locations right across the north east from Blyth to Byker and the Bigg Market to Bedlington.

Working closely with Virgin Money and Alex Telfer allowed us to create a piece of work that will inspire others to make a real difference in communities across the north east and beyond.

Cravens consistently show a real empathy for the Virgin Money brand in their creative work, and in particular, how we strive to connect with different communities around the UK.

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