Capturing the purity of sport

World Rowing: Brand Development

FISA, the governing body for international rowing, wanted to take their sport to a new level. To make it global yet accessible, commercial yet personal to fans and competitors alike.

World Rowing: Brand Development

We work with World Rowing in a holistic approach, taking in their full range of brand communications, digital media, events and merchandising. At the heart this is our brand identity, which captures the essence of rowing; the soul of the sport. The circular brush stroke logo is derived from Sumi-e, an ancient art form dedicated to creating the perfect stroke.

We created a film to introduce the new identity, drawing the parallels between the art and the sport: the commitment to one perfect stroke.

As a global sport and brand, the World Rowing identity forms an integral part of event logos for rowing regattas around the world. We have created a design style that allows World Rowing to create multiple event logos based on classification and location while still keeping a consistent visual look to the brand.

But the World Rowing Brand is more than just a logo. Behind it is a series of values that inform and inspire the organisation at every step. Such as who they choose to partner with, like the World Wildlife Fund for Nature, campaigning for clean water around the world. And the Spirit Awards, created to honour student rowers who make a difference to their communities beyond their chosen sport.

A global sport true to its nature and committed to the world around it.

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