Mastering the art of gaming

32Red: Brand update

32Red is casino built on Wow service, a desire to go the extra mile for their customers and never settle for ‘good enough’. But how do you communicate this to an audience that are all about entertainment and the thrill of winning?

Our mission was to show that 32Red were the champions of amazing service in a way that would take a relatively dull concept like customer service and make it unmissable.

To do it we set sail on the clouds of service enlightenment towards gaming nirvana…

If you’re going walk the glorious path to service enlightenment you need a good guide. So we created the ultimate ‘experiential consultant’, a gaming guru, a sensei of service to take 32Red’s customers to casino nirvana. And we called him the Master of Wow.

Undisputed Master of the Way of Wow, our white-bearded, red-tunic’d character has travelled from his mountain top to the 32Red head office to pass on all he has learned in a series of funny TV commercials and on the 32Red website itself.

Played by Japanese actor Togo Igawa, the Master is a blend of zany humour and inspirational leadership – you never know where he’ll appear or how he’ll get his point across, but it will always be memorable. Even his arrival in the first commercial is a moment of wow, exploding into a shower of playing cards before the 32Red staffs’ eyes.

32Red: Brand Update

To add to his distinctive appearance we also gave the Master his own way of speaking, filled with amusing cod zen-parables such as “like the surprised seahorse it’s the unexpected that makes our players’ day.” This unique tone of voice allows the character to spread beyond TV and into social media and eCRM communications with customers while still keeping a bit of wow.

32Red: Master of Wow

As an online casino competing in a crowded market our campaign didn’t just need to stand out, it also needed to be flexible enough to carry offers and promote exciting new games. We deliberately built into the narrative of the commercials way to display offers and showcase new games without interrupting the fun, meaning that each ad could be re-used cost-effectively whenever a new promotion or game was released.

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