A pet star is born

Gala Bingo: Emmerdale Bingo Launch

Gala Bingo are always looking for new partners and games to entice players to play with them. Their latest tie-in encompasses both: Emmerdale Bingo. Based on the popular ITV soap, the new bingo game allows players to tour the village as they play.

Such a high profile new partnership needed a fun campaign to leverage it fully. Not just through TV advertising but through an online promotion that would engage with fans of the soap and bingo players, getting them to talk about it and share it with others.

On the back of our Emmerdale Bingo TV campaign we launched a website and competition to find Emmerdale’s next pet star. The soap, set in a fictional Yorkshire farming village community, has a rich history of pet stars alongside their human counterparts, from Tootsie the dog to the Dingle’s pet pigs.

Gala Bingo: Emmerdale Bingo Launch

Pet owners across the country were invited to submit their animal stars’ images to our dedicated website, for a public vote to find a pet star. The more creative and fun the submissions, the better! The prize was quite literally a walk on part in the show for the winner’s pet, along with a tour of the set and the chance to be treated like a star with luxury accommodation and transport.

To drive entrants to our site and make sure everyone knew exactly what it takes to be an A-list animal, we created a ‘mockumentary’ film showing a typical day in the life of one of Emmerdale’s current animal stars – a sheepdog! From dressing room to red carpet the film followed this top dog as he was hounded by the press and subjected to selfies from fans – it’s a tough job but someone’s got to do it!

The film was supported on Gala Bingo’s social channels, teasing viewers with glimpses into the life of a soap pet star.

Gala Bingo: Emmerdale Bingo Launch

As well as the usual doggy suspects, the competition drew in reptiles, all manner of feathered and furry friends and even the odd horse! There were over 2000 entries in total, with the competition gaining valuable column inches in the national press as well as soap magazines and websites.

Gala Bingo: Emmerdale Bingo Launch

The winner was a one-eye English bulldog called Cooper, whose owner put him on a diet to make sure he was in top shape for his walk-on part!

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