Nurturing young entrepreneurs

Virgin Money: Make £5 Grow

As a brand with a strong entrepreneurial heritage, Virgin Money are always looking at ways to inspire new people to set up and run their own businesses. And the earlier they reach them, the more influential they can be.

Which is why they have created Make £5 Grow an enterprise programme for schools. It gives pupils aged 9 – 11 the real life experience of starting their own mini businesses. The bank provides a loan of £5 to every pupil in the class, who then form teams to set up and run their own enterprises in order to generate a profit. It’s educational, engaging and easy to organise, with all the tools provided to teach pupils essential skills for life.

Virgin Money: Make £5 Grow

We created a website to inspire teachers to take part in the scheme, filled with information on what the programme involves as well as downloadable resources and teaching tools to help run it within the classroom.

The website simply set out how the programme works, stories from schools who have already taken part and how to apply for the interest-free loan to get started.

Once teachers are signed up to the scheme they also gain access to a second part of the site containing all the teaching resources they need to run the programme successfully. Downloadable lesson plans, worksheets, videos and more are all available to help make the most of the programme, ensuring the pupils get maximum value out of the experience.

Aside from the fun and excitement of running their own businesses there is a further incentive to the pupils for taking part. Their school gets to keep any profit from the businesses and the pupils get to decide how they spend it.

Creating a memorable and tangible conclusion to the scheme that will inspire them to aim higher in later life.

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